Sunday, June 30, 2013

5th Saturday challenge reveal.

We had a great reveal for our 5th Saturday challenge. .  . we only had seven completed entries this time (our smallest number ever), but they were, as always, amazing.

The challenge this time was very different than it has been in the past.  We gave the contestants a concept, "celebration" . . . and nothing more.  They were free to develop the theme in any way, taking it wherever their minds wandered.  Several people connected the theme to celebrating family in a variety of ways:  remembering a recently deceased mother, recreating a loved childhood doll, recording events and dates (weddings, births, etc.), while others thought of celebrations of birth, life and nature.   

Voting by our customers will continue from now through Saturday, July 13th.  Hope you are able to stop by to see them close up, but for those who aren't local, here are some great pictures.  (There are no names attached to these because voting is anonymous, of course!  And, they are in no particular order, just posted in the order they came off the file in my computer.)

Birthday celebration banner

A celebration cake!

Celebrating nature & the outdoors

 a replica of a 1950's doll

the pattern is 4th of July by Judy Neimeyer

a wedding ring hanging celebrating 3 generations of marriages, including fabrics from each wedding

one of eleven (yes!) quilts made using mom's blouses and buttons, so that each family member could have a remembrance

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